Visual Impairment

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General Awareness for Staff

This general awareness workshop is designed for all employees and aims to give a broad understanding of Visual Impairment and the difficulties it can present in the workplace. In particular the workshop aims to:

  • Examine the nature of Visual Impairment
  • Identify different eye conditions and how they affect the individual
  • Describe how these difficulties may impact within the work context
  • Experiential exercises on how it feels to have a Visual Impairment
  • Indicators of Visual Impairment and how each person can help
  • The role of the mentor and buddy
  • Overview of the Equality Legislation
  • Case study

General Briefing for Senior Managers

These short 45 minute briefing sessions are designed to inform Senior Managers of their responsibilities regarding Visual Impairment in the workplace. Each briefing will:

  • Give an understanding of Visual Impairments
  • Develop awareness of challenges employees may face
  • Outline employers legal obligations (Equality Act)
  • Suggest good practice in terms of policy and procedure

HR Awareness Training and Line Manager Awareness Training are available upon request.