The Most Beautiful Stadiums in the World

Sport may be beautiful to watch, but if you get to do it in a beautiful place with great surroundings, the experience becomes all the more enjoyable. Football fans seem to be the most loyal of all sports fans as many use to follow their favorite team around, thus seizing the opportunity to see the most stunning football stadiums in the world.

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But for the adventurous fans who want to enjoy the live experience in the middle of the action, here are the best stadiums to cheer your team on.

BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico

This is the largest football stadium that was ever built in Mexico, and was completed and opened to public in 2015, just in time for C.F. Monterrey’s 70th anniversary. It currently has a capacity of 53,500 people and features a modern interior and exterior design. Besides the usual grass pitch and the seats area, it also includes a club lounge and club-themed restaurant, making the football watching experience complete.

Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany

One of the most colorful football stadiums in Europe, Allianz Arena is home to Bayern Munich and the German national side and can sit 70,000 people. The 3,000 colored electric panels that adorn it allow the stadium to change colors to reflect the ones of the team playing it.

Stadion Gospin Dolac, Croatia

Although not a majestuous arena, Gospin Dolac is a real gem among stadiums. It’s a small football playing venue with a capacity of just 4,000 people, but it’s a beauty to behold. Somehow secluded on the Croatia/Bosnia border, it is surrounded by mountain rocks and pure nature, with a great valley spreading on the southern part and the stunning Blue Lake bordering it on the north-west.

The Floating Stadium from Singapore

Can you imagine playing football on a field that floats over water? It might seem a far-fetched idea, but it’s actually possible in Singapore, where a floating 120-metre by 83-metre pitch was built and opened to public in 2007. Different events can take place here, from football games to concerts and car races. With a total of 30,000 seats, this stunning contraption is a unique architectural piece, with many innovative features such as lightning rods and an internal drainage system.

Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, China

Inaugurated at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the Bird’s Nest Stadium is a gigantic arena that seats no less than 80,000 people. It features a unique shape due to its “nest” design with intricately woven steel beams and it cost around $450 million to be built. The arena hosted lots of different events besides the Olympics, including football matches, concerts, car races and pageant events.

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