Classic Novels That are Still Relevant Today

The reason classic novels are called classic is because they left their impact on our culture, in one way or another. Whether they were bestsellers does not actually make them classics, but rather their impact on readers and writers. A classic will make you question things around you as well as address certain issues in the culture, society or even politics of the time, sometimes even remaining relevant to this day.

Here are some of the best classic novels which are still relevant today.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde’s classic is immensely important today as it deals with the ideas of eternal youth and beauty, an image of yourself as opposed to your actual self. This is very important when you look at social networks and sites like Instagram and other picture-sharing sites. They require frequent uploads where your image is much more important than your actual self.

Photos posted without makeup or filters are often the most controversial ones.


George Orwell’s book is even more important, where entire realities are changed, controlled and guided by a governing body, using technology as a tool for this. Today, where data is gathered and sold by many companies, from cell phone carriers, social media sites to even smaller forum sites. Censorship is enabled country-wide in some cases, where you cannot access many of the world’s websites. It was a grim warning back in 1949 and today serves as quite the “I told you so”.

Lord of the Flies

William Golding’s book deals with parts of society which we normally do not get to expect. Once a reader finds out what is possible once the rules are thrown out, they might find their view of reality and that which they know challenged. This is always a good thing, especially today where mass production enabled an increase in overall comfort.

Anna Karenina

Looking back at this Leo Tolstoy’s novel is always a treat, for many readers. Many find it cumbersome because they are forced to read it in high schools, especially in Europe. Later on, people find that the themes of adultery, prejudice, jealousy, personal emotional crises are still very much relevant and present in everyday life. Broken marriages and maltreatment of women are still relevant topics and Tolstoy depicted them in a very emotional and almost shocking way.

The Little Prince

This is a book which everyone should read and re-read in different stages of their lives. This marvel by Antoine de Saint Exupery teaches us about love, pure wondering and exploration of the world around us.

These are just some of the books which are still relevant today, from a plethora of such, considered to be classics.

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