Design Your Dream Home Library

Cicero once said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” We couldn’t agree more. Every book lover probably dreams of having their own personal library. It is a perfect place for study, relaxation and contemplation. With these simple tips, you can turn almost any space into your little reading paradise.

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However, you don’t need too much investment to design a cosy reading nook for your home, even if you are short on space. Make do with what you have: use empty closets, the space below windows or empty space in the hallway to turn your regular room into a library. Alternatively, put a comfy chair by the window and surround it with small book shelves and you are good to go. The essence of a library is good lighting and comfortable seating (in addition to books, of course).

When choosing the furniture, consider the context. The materials should reflect the overall aesthetic of your space. Our recommendations include rustic interior and rich woods for a truly historic feel, as well as cosy sofas and vintage furniture, because it adds more unique personality to the space.

Perhaps you enjoy urban, modern design. In that case, we suggest you go with clean lines and metal and add a piece of contemporary art for that chic moment.

We mentioned how essential light is for a reading space. Avoid dark claustrophobic spaces without windows. A library should be bright with big windows to let the light in.

For a totally romantic library, consider bookshelves that go wall to wall, with big fireplace in the middle, a wooden table and a leather sofa set.

If you want something more cheerful, throw in an interesting rug, or adorn your library with a colourful piece of art. Other details you might consider adding include figurines, potted plants, maps, globes, chandelier, candles, photos, cute little pillows and blankets to keep you warm when you stay up late reading.

You will also need to think about the colours: we suggest earthy tones, such as brown and warm red, chestnut, dark green, beige and orange.

If you are working from home, or if you would like your library to be an office space as well, you should make room for the working table.

If you have high ceiling and a lot of books, you should definitely make use of the entire vertical. Consider adding a ladder to reach the top shelves.

Keep your shelves organized. You can arrange your books in many different ways: alphabetically, by colour, by genre, by height, horizontally, vertically, with heavier books on the bottom… Whatever method you choose, it will keep the structure visually tidy and balanced.

Enjoy designing your beautiful personal hideout.

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