How to redecorate your bedroom to make it look bigger

The eternal problem of people who live in small homes: how do you make it look bigger than it actually is? We are going to provide a few guidelines on the matter and we hope you’ll find a few useful things to implement in your own house.


Before we talk about furniture, let’s discuss the colours of your walls. You’d be surprised how much more spacious a room can look if you choose the right paint. Briefly, you should avoid bold colours and go with light hues. Dark colours definitely look good but you have to pay the price of “shrinking” the room down. Here are a few examples of adequate colours: white, pale grey, cream and even light blue make the bedroom look airy and open.

You could also go monochromatic. Paint the walls and the trim in shades of one colour. For example, take this palette: white, beige, off-white. Another trick is to use light hues for the walls and dark colours for the ceilings. They create depth and the illusion of increased height. Just make sure to choose a proper light fixture that draws the eye upward.

Simple tricks

Choose small rugs instead of big ones to reveal more floor space. A small fluffy lightly coloured rug is the best way to go. Only put necessary pieces of furniture in a small bedroom: a dresser, a bed, and a small table with a chair. The rest should go on your walls. If you don’t have a lot of clothes, you might want to get rid of a full dresser and buy a vertical 0.5 meters wide piece with 5-6 shelves. You’d be surprised to see how it changes a room.

Another idea to consider is having your bed at 1.6 m above the ground. How does that work? You build 1 strong pillar on the diagonal line that extends from a wall corner. You build a mattress frame that’s attached to the pillar you have just built and the two walls forming that corner.

You add 2 pieces of wood on the frame on top of which you put a king sized mattress and voila! You have just gained a lot of floor space that would have otherwise been lost. You climb into the bed using a ladder. Beneath the bed you have a lot of floor space to add a couple of open cubic bookcases where you can put decorative items and of course, books.

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