How to redecorate your child’s room

It’s important for your child to have a room where he feels safe and happy. Unfortunately, a regular adult room won’t cut it. You need to put some extra thought into your child’s room decoration. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go with queen size beds

Having a bed that’s shaped like a race car or Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage sounds interesting but you might be surprised when your child says he/she got bored with it or has outgrown this design.

Single beds are great if you don’t have enough space but if the room can bear a queen size bed, that’s even better. You make a one-time investment as opposed to several purchases every few years because the child can no longer fit in the bed. Besides, a queen size bed allows the kid to sleep comfortably.

In order to make it child-friendly, consider buying special bedding sheets with different themes like super heroes or fairytale princesses, whatever your little girl or boy wants. This way, when he/she gets bored, you can simply change the sheets and the spark of enthusiasm will reappear in your child’s eyes. In the meantime, you are saving money.

Know your child’s desires

Decorating a room without asking what the child wants is the worst mistake you can make. It can be hard to put yourself in the shoes of an 8-year old, so it’s easy to choose themes the child is not passionate about. Ask what things he would like in the room and what are his favourite cartoon characters. This way, their private space will turn into a place that reflects their personality and desires, a heaven where the child returns when he’s sad, angry or tired.

Choose relevant artwork

You may like abstract pieces, but they are completely meaningless to a child. You could maybe paint his favourite super hero on a wall to protect him at night or enlarge a favourite photo, cut it into even sections and frame the pieces.

Prep the room for work and play

A dual design is necessary when the child plays and does homework in the same room. Set up a part where he can focus on school work, for example, a colourful desk with a funky lamp, a chalkboard and all sorts of supplies from coloured pencils to plain pens. Don’t forget the coloured chalk because the child can use it to both studies and draw for fun.

The other part of the room should be focused on the play: toys, colouring books, a place for creative activities like painting, playing an instrument and making art projects for mother’s day. It would be best if parents would help them discover their creative side.

Have proper storage

It’s boring to keep everything in drawers. Opt for a more interesting storage option like stock cubbies for arts-and-crafts or school supplies like crayons, glue, and markers as well as pull-out bins for toys. Explore all storage opportunities, such as a bed with built-in cubbies and bins. Consider getting a small bookcase too in case your child enjoys reading.

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