The Best Sports Festivals in the World For Designers

People who are really into design usually are so sedentary that they like practicing sports instead of just watching them. Some are prone to watching rather than participating, yet others love taking a part in a competitive event, whether football, basketball, weightlifting or anything and everything in between.

People also love visiting sports festivals, if for no other reason, then to have fun with their friends and watch athletes compete against one another.

Here are some of the world’s best sports festivals, in no particular order:

Cheltenham Festival

This festival is among the most important in the UK, having the second largest prize pool for equine races, the first one being the Grand National. The festival takes place every year, when possible, and has existed since 1860.

This festival is also very attractive to punter and bettors, as horse-racing is very popular in the UK. Online bookmakers profit from this, especially, offering people specific, Cheltenham sign-up offers. Brick and mortar bookmakers also profit, but the online ones can reach a significantly larger number of people.

Arnold Sports Festivals

Almost everyone has heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilder, turned actor, turned governor, turned actor again. An activist and philanthropist, Arnold also created the Arnold Sports Festivals, the largest of which takes place in the United States, yet it is only one of the many, spread around across the globe, or specifically, 5 of the 7 continents.

Whether you are a fan of bodybuilding or strongman competitions, or you just want to see Arnie give out awards, you are in for a treat.

Olympic Games

Almost everyone has either heard of the Olympic Games or watched them at least several times over the years, whether just to watch amazing athletes compete or simply cheer for your country. The Olympic Games can be thought of as a precursor to almost every sports festival.

The Olympic Games have been around for a long time, dating back to ancient Greece. Today, athletes compete in many different disciplines and sports, making the Olympic Games the largest sports festival.

Mountain Sports Festival

In North Carolina, people get together to celebrate the diversity and fun of sports, some of them extreme. Trail running, climbing, mountain biking, you name it, you can find it there. If you are not feeling as extreme, yoga is also an option.

This festival has been around since 1990 and celebrates all sports mountain-related. It takes place in Asheville, North Carolina and features live music shows, as well as various sports events.

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon

Alcatraz is a very famous prison, perhaps the most famous one in the world. Featured in many books and movies, it also has its own sports festival. This festival is a triathlon which stars off as a swimming event, to be followed by a bike race and a run.

The festival has been around since the 70s. Today, it has more than just a triathlon to offer people, like a festival after the triathlon ends, called the Fitness Festival & Expo.

These are some of the most interesting sports festivals that the world has to offer, but a few of the many thousands that take place every year.

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