Tricks for Big DIY Home Redecorating Savings

When money is tight, we are all looking for ideas to help us shrink our household expenses but keep our house stylish and elegant. These Pinnacle Promotions are a great tip if you are a gambler and want to save some money.

Today we bring you some clever solutions that bring inventive updates and a ridiculous amount of elegance to your house for the buck.

Our first tip to save money when redecorating your house is to choose a neutral trim paint for the entire house rather than buying different colors for each room and using only a fraction of each can. Crisp white trim will always give your house style and you’ll never have to search for the right can for touch-ups. Additionally, you can always add your personal touch by decorating the walls with pictures and frames.

Usually, when your space feels boring and you decide you want a change, the first impulse is to buy something new. We would advise to resist that impulse and take a minute to think what you can do without spending too much money.

If you think a room looks dull and you want to revitalize it, move the furniture or draw on it. Moving the bed on the opposite wall or changing the position of the rug can sometimes make a big difference. And if you decide to put your artistic side to work, all you need to give your old sofa a new look is a sharpie and some patterns or a nonslip metal ruler if you prefer lines. Throw some decorative pillows on top and your living area will look like the one in the IKEA catalogue.

For the braver ones, swapping rooms is also a good idea. Maybe your dining room would work better as your living room, and your office space would look nicer as a bedroom. Your friends will think they entered the wrong house next time they come visit.

Another trick to revitalize your space would be to recycle old furniture. There are a lot of great ideas on how to turn a small table into a nightstand with just some paint. Similarly, as home cabinetry is usually one of the most expensive components of your home, old kitchen cabinets can be updated by changing their color and adding modern pulls and knobs to give them a new look and add functionality.

Use your imagination to decorate the walls of your house. For instance, instead of expensive paintings, you can dress up bare walls with digitally enlarged pictures attached to strips of wood along the top and bottom as a quick frame.

Lastly, if you are looking to bring elegance to your house through lighting solutions, there are tons of brilliant ideas out there. You can use common household appliances, from cheese graters to washing machine drums, to create eye-catching light fixtures, and if you prefer recycling, cardboard, empty glass bottles or cans and various types of wire can make awesome lights too.

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