Hi everyone and welcome to Re-Adjust.co.uk! Before we get into details about house redecoration, I thought to first speak about what such a project entails and what costs to expect. Fortunately, doing all the work yourself saves you from spending money on an interior designer. Still, you have to prepare yourself for a significant investment of thousands of pounds.

How much does a designer cost?

Firstly, let’s see exactly how much you’re saving by not paying an interior designer. Fees reflect the experience of the designer, the location and type of project being undertaken. Some interior designers charge an hourly fee while others would rather get a percentage of the entire project’s cost. There also are some who prefer a single lump sum. Room by room project fees can start at £500 per room, including drawings and samples, while hourly rates vary between £50 and £150, some top notch firms charging even £200-£250 per hour.

The actual costs

How much you pay depends a lot on what you need to change. For example, the painting of walls and ceilings in a 2-bedroom house or apartment costs between £1,500 and £2,000. If your walls were previously papered and plastering is required, the price can be 50-75% higher.

Apart from painting, you have to consider how much you’ll spend on new furniture and whether you want to redo the floors or not. That requires you to remove the existing skirting boards, install underlay and only then add the wooden floor itself. If you think you are up to the task, you will only pay for the materials. Costs can be as low as £16 for a pack of laminate flooring that covers 1.25 square meters or £25 for engineered wood. A single square meter of solid wood costs up to £50.

It’s very important to install the floor properly which is why you might consider having a professional do it for you. Expect to pay between £1000 and £1400 for a 27 square meter area of laminate flooring.

As for the furniture, it all depends on what pieces you already have and what you want to change. Some people spend a lot on a durable sofa while others reduce costs on everything they can. As a rule of thumb, it’s not recommended to cut costs when it comes to the sofa and mattress. Pay less on decorative elements, lighting fixtures, and bed sheets, but don’t skimp when it comes to sitting furniture.

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